Well, this was another awesome episode. Game of Thrones Season 5 has been pretty strong so far and it was great to see more character parings really getting to shine, with Jamie and Bronn being only two of the characters that worked really well together. We also got some awesome action scenes this week as well as a character death, making Sons of the Harpy one of the stronger additions to the fifth Season.

Tyrion's kidnapper is taking him exactly where he wants to go...
Tyrion’s kidnapper is taking him exactly where he wants to go…

The Jamie and Bronn scenes were probably my favourite of the week, and it’s always great to have these two characters interacting with the exchange between both of them in the ship at the start of the episode being pretty great. Bronn seems to be excellent with anybody who he’s placed with, and we got some great scenes from both characters here as Jamie’s Golden hand actually ended up saving his life, when he caught a blade heading for his face. This was one of my favourite moments of the episode and it’s great to see how this journey to rescue Mycrella is unfolding, because it’s been incredibly fun to watch so far. More of this, please.

We also saw Jon thrust into another difficult situation as Stannis and company are continuing to try to tempt him into making him break the Night’s Watch vows. Last week is was Davos and this week it was Melisandre, who tried to seduce him, but Jon was having none of it, and this scene was handled pretty well, being again, so typically like Jon’s character.

In the scenes that were just as excellent as the Jamie and Bronn stuff, I loved how the writers handled the scenes between Jorah and Tyrion when Tyrion revealed that he was going to Dany anyway, making Jorah’s abduction of him kind of pointless. Tyrion’s comment concerning Jorah sailing in the wrong direction was great as well, and it didn’t take the show long to reveal something that was pretty obvious, that the Queen that Jorah was referring to was actually Dany, and not Cersei. Tyrion himself also identified Jorah pretty quickly, pointing out how unlikely it was that Dany was even going to take Jorah back into the fold anyway, with her just as likely to kill him and pardon Tyrion as it was the other way around. This path should be very interesting to see going forward, especially as the characters might not even make it to Dany in the first place. Again, the Jorah and Tyrion partnership is something that I’m more invested in finding out what happens than other areas of the show, and there’s lots of potential here.

A few scenes this week did however feel rushed and weren’t quite as impactful as I would have liked, particularly the King’s Landing sections and the raiding of the Faith Militant, almost feeling like a second take on events such as the deaths of Robert’s bastards back in Season 2, with a sense of something that we’d seen before. However, that was only really a minor issue, as for the most part, Sons of the Harpy was excellent, with several great moments in this week’s episode. We didn’t get as much Dany as we have had in previous episodes and Arya wasn’t even there at all, but the focus on certain characters was great and for the most part it really paid off.

And how great was that final ambush at the end of the episode between the Unsullied and the Sons of the Harpy? That was pretty awesome, and a great way to end the episode. Ser Baristan is now dead, and Grey Worm injured, and it’ll certainly leave a few interesting plots for the next episode to follow to say the least, and it’ll be fun to see how Dany’s reaction is handled.

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