by Madeleine Flores & Trillian Gunn

BOOM! Studios has been doing some really fun stuff with their Boom! Box imprint. This week they debuted a new series called Help Us! Great Warrior. Creatures from the world Demonside have broken into their dimension and Great Warrior is the only one who can save them from the hordes of beasts.

Great Warrior is a character that Madeleine Flores has been using in her webcomic of the same name. However, you don’t need to be familiar with her previous work to jump in and enjoy Help Us! Great Warrior. This issue was a quick and light-hearted introduction into the world that creator Flores has built. The one thing that needs to be mentioned about Help Us! Great Warrior is how hilarious it is. Great Warrior doesn’t seem to take anything seriously even though the world is in a bad place, which makes for some truly humorous moments.

The panel structure in Help Us! Great Warrior makes for an incredibly smooth read. This is probably due to the fact the Madeleine Flores handles all aspects of writing and drawing Help Us! Great Warrior. Much like the story, the art in Help Us! Great Warrior is incredibly playful. It does have a simplistic look that is becoming a familiar look in many of Boom! Box’s titles. With colors handled by Trillian Gunn, reading Help Us! Great Warrior is like watching a cartoon. This whole issue looked bright and amusing, yet the various monsters looked threatening but never felt out-of-place.

Help Us! Great Warrior is one of those comics for people who just like entertaining comics. It shows that you don’t need to always be dark and gritty to make good comics. Boom! Box has really cornered this market when it comes to creator-owned series. Help Us! Great Warrior is another title that helps take the negative connotation off the label of “all ages”.


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