By Chip Zdarsky, Joe Quinones, Joe Rivera, Rico Renzi

“Nuh-uh, pal! I don’t trust anyone anymore! I’m getting out of here using good old-fashioned righteousness and noise!”

Howard isn’t doing so well right now, what with the being in jail (again) and all. But this time really isn’t his fault! (Was it the first time?)

Writer Chip Zdarsky puts Howard into another tight situation in Howard The Duck #2. As the cover suggests, Howard runs into some familiar faces. Chris Pratt, I mean Star Lord, brings some humorous lines, along with fun banter from the rest of the Guardians of The Galaxy as Howard is intent on solving his latest case! He’s going to need some help to complete it however… you know…. because the whole being in a cell thing…

A great scene by penciller Joe Quinones, inker Joe Rivera, and colorist Rico Renzi comes on the same page as the quote seen above. Howard is trying to get attention and find a way out of his latest cell as Rocket (a talking raccoon!) does push-ups beside him while trying to explain to Howard that he has a plan. Smaller details in this scene make it stand out even more — one of these details is a book being read by one of Howard’s cellmates Fifty Shades of Gamma Ray (sounds scandalous!) The panel where the quote is from has Howard knocking a mug onto the forcefield to make as much noise as possible while Quinones has Rocket in the background trying his best to get Howard to calm down — never thought you’d see that, huh? — or was it all part of the plan?

Issue #2 of Howard The Duck offers the same fun banter as the first, as Howard’s newest job as a private investigator gets the Marvel treatment. He just wants to live a normal life! But is that even possible?


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