The bestselling artist’s first creator-owned project

Image Comics is pleased to announce that cartoonist Darwyn Cooke (Parker, DC: The New Frontier) will launch REVENGEANCE, his first fully creator-owned project, from Image Comics in June 2015.

REVENGEANCE is a psychological thriller with darkly humorous overtones. When Joe Malarky is faced with a criminal tragedy, he sets out to make things right on his own. What follows is Joe’s odyssey through the underside of the city and the madness that seems to drive his crazy world.

REVENGEANCE takes place in Toronto in the mid-eighties and is part crime story, part psychotronic melodrama, and a wholly fond look back at the author’s hometown.

“Darwyn Cooke is a living legend and there’s little I can say in favor of his amazing body of work that hasn’t been said before, but it’s a true honor to have him doing Revengeance at Image,” said Eric Stephenson, Publisher at Image Comics. “Like everyone else in comics, I’ve been such a huge fan of Darwyn’s work for so long that finally publishing something by him—not to mention something this cool—seems almost like a dream. Just knowing we’re putting this out is an early highlight for what is already looking like an amazing year.”

The series is set to launch from Image Comics in June 2015.


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