Time flies when you’re drinking lots of coffee and getting minimal sleep, am I right? It’s already week 4 of Inktober! – and once again there’s a lot of great artwork all over the twitterverse. I’ve compiled some of the best ones from artists you know, and some you should definitely be checking out.

Jake Parker does a great job of depicting a terrifying looking dinosaur with the legs of a chicken – and according to science and all that’s probably not far off (Jurassic Park is filled with liiiiies). This guy certainly does look a bit in over his head though…hope he’s wearing his running shoes and iWatch (to properly monitor his heart rate).

This inktober piece by Brian Kesinger shows us some of the Halloween spirit. Just look at that cake! Though I am hoping that octopus is made of some sort of pastry and not an actual octopus…I feel like there’s potential for the cake to get all slimy – and not just your average “Why’d you sneeze on my birthday cake, Jeremy?” slimy.


Thank you, Eastin, for the reminder that I haven’t watched the Peanuts Halloween special yet this year! Where are my priorities at? My coffee intake is going to have to be doubled.


This…this is something the Star Wars universe has been lacking. It’s a good thing we have Jon Morris looking out for us to give us the inside look into Yoda’s downtime.


Did you all know that the all powerful Greg Capullo is actually…a comic teaser?! This comes as a surprise to me, or not so much…he posts his awesome artwork all the time. This one looks a bit familiar…


It’s recess?! What am I still doing sitting at this computer?! Oh yeah…I spend my free time writing. Also, this is fantastic work, @Himalayaa


Awww, well isn’t this just the cutest couple? I hear they dressed as ketchup and mustard at Stan Murphy’s Halloween party over the weekend.


Kirby just had an anniversary? Oh man, I totally forgot. Quick! Give me ideas for a gift! Cupcakes? Medicine bottles? Endless hordes of minions?!


This is an awesome mash-up by Jenna. Great work, great colors, and great nods to a bunch of different franchises. Can you spot them all?! Love these games.


Looking for some details in your artwork? John Devlin has you covered on that front – and a very Halloween spirited looking character. Although if someone knocked on my door dressed like this I may consider putting up the chain lock and hiding under my covers with the Ghost Busters theme song on the highest volume possible for an iPhone.


It’s Thanos! Everyone run! Wait…can you even outrun Thanos? I mean, he looks like he’d be kind of slow, but then again so does Jason and he catches up to those teenagers camping by that lake without even breaking a sweat. No time to waste! Run! Watch out for those huge tree roots! Ah, you fell.

What’s that?! It’s an Inktober Week 4 BONUS PICTURE?! I sure hope it’s something truly amazing.

It is! Dan Leicht has done it again with his amazing interpretation of Taz. This time instead of using his amazing artistic skills (amazing/minimal) he’s applied his carving abilities to a pumpkin (one he hopes to enjoy some of the seeds from this week). You…you can totally tell it’s supposed to be Taz right? It’s…so beautiful…it’s like staring into the sun without your prescription sunglasses and everything is all blurry because you forgot your contacts but you get to wear those cool yellow lens sunglasses you keep in your car that make every look like happiness, so it’s like seeing blaring blurry happiness…followed by intense pain in your corneas.


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