“It’s the final countdown!” – Europe

October, along with Inktober, has come to and end. It’s now time to put all that creative energy into growing an awesome beard or mustache for Movember. Just in time to bleach it and play Santa for December, and then shave it off in an effort to look like a “new you” for January. But before your peach fuzz turns into something worth bragging about there’s another week’s worth of Inktober posts to show you!

We’re reminded by Erin Hunting why it’s not always okay for everyone to take part in Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Looking at you Randy Dinklmeyer…that was my favorite lawn gnome.

We forgive you for not being able to post everyday, Emerson. Great work on the details! #Shroombot

Feel free to add your own “thwip” noise in your head to this Spider-man by David.

Who doesn’t love clowns? Am I right? I guess the better question would be…who loves clowns?! How are there still clowns in employment?!
“Someday I’ll grow up to be nightmare fuel”

Posted on Novemeber 1st?! But isn’t that cheating?! Yes. Yes it is. But this picture is awesome so we’re going to overlook that.

This is some great artwork by Iruka. I’m also glad to see this squirrel getting an education.

We all miss Inktober, Annelouise… until next year!!!

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