by Gabriel Hardman, Corinna Bechko & Jordan Boyd

Invisible Republic came out and grabbed readers with an incredibly strong debut last month. This week, issue two hits stands and it continues the story of the Malory Regime on the planet Avalon. Invisible Republic continues a streak of solid releases with its second issue. This issue carries on the stories that take place before and after the Malory Regime’s rule.

Co-creators/authors Gabriel Hardman and Corinna Bechko choice of telling both stories through reporter Babb stumbling onto Maia Reveron’s journal makes Invisible Republic so appealing. Being able to experience Arthur McBride’s ascent into the role of dictator through his cousin Maia’s journal is both intense and personal. Even though the present timeline with Babb which takes place after Arthur’s fall doesn’t spoil the story. Readers are still curious how the Malory Regime both rose and fell and why. Invisible Republic has been a wonderful experience to read and it’s only been two issues!

With Gabriel Hardman handling a bit of both writing and art in Invisible Republic gives him the opportunity to have his art assist with telling the story. Just the opening page alone with the bubbles in the art also being word blocks was brilliant. His art paired with Jordan Boyd’s colors give Invisible Republic a somewhat bleak tone for a sci-fi story. Hardman and Boyd’s combined efforts give Invisible Republic’s story a very human that just happens to have a science fiction setting.

Invisible Republic is wonderful example of both writing and art working in harmony to build an incredible story that begs to be read. Reading a story from both ends of the book would seem like a bad idea, but this creative team pulls it off with style. Invisible Republic is a fantastic series that everyone should check out because it’s hard to imagine anyone not getting hooked with just these two issues.


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