By Jerry Willoughby, Zane DeGaine

“Look! Look there. Are they communicating?” 

“It, um… appears that way, but that, that’s impossible. The creatures have zero brain function.”

Lucky, a graphic novel, takes you through the ups and downs of being a zombie. Being hungry all the time is a lot harder to deal with than you might think.

Writer Jerry Willoughby introduces you to a sanitation worker nicknamed Lucky right at the start of what turns out to be a zombie apocalypse. Despite his nickname Lucky isn’t really all that lucky, and despite his best efforts he ends up being turned into a zombie, but that’s where the story really kicks off.

The artist on this story is Zane DeGaine and he takes to the page with some great detailed scenes, some a bit more fleshed out than others,  but nonetheless there is some fantastic artwork throughout this book. The pages are black and white, but DeGaine’s art fits well to the style as he drags Lucky around his new “life”. A lot of this story utilizes the artwork in order to push the plot, especially scenes where we’re seeing things from Lucky’s perspective and he can’t understand what the humans are saying.

A fun scene features Lucky, along with a few other zombies, walking into the ocean and finding themselves surrounded by fish. Lucky tries to catch one of them, but unfortunately a zombie’s reflexes aren’t quite up to snuff.

Jerry Willoughby and Zane DeGaine together have created a new look into the mind of zombies and what they have to go through at the hands of humanity… a fictional humanity, but you get the point. Read this story if you’d like to prepare for the inevitability of becoming a zombie if such an occasion arises.


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