By Joe Glass, Ryan Cody, Dan Harris, Jack Lawrence, Kris Carter, Kirsty Swan

“This team… as well as righting wrongs and fighting for justice, we can celebrate what’s different. We can show people we’re unafraid, and that’s an important message to get out there. For everyone.”

Written by Joe Glass, The Pride, or LGBT, is a new team of superheroes composed of lesbian, gay, bi, and transgendered heroes that fight for justice as well as awareness. The team is led by Fabman, while Wolf is in charge of training the other members Twink, White Trash, Angel, The Bear, Frost, and Muscle Mary.

With issue #3 of The Pride all the heroes are still trying to learn how to work together, after most of them being solo heroes for so long teamwork doesn’t come easy. To make matters worse for this new team The Justice Division makes an appearance and tries to put a stop to them. Cue the epic fight scene!

Other than the main story line of this issue there are a couple of side stories that flesh out the origins of various characters each week. Thus the lists of artists is pretty big, so let’s get started – on the artwork side of this issue is Ryan Cody along with Dan Harris, and Jack Lawrence. Accompanying them are colorists Kris Carter and Kirsty Swan. Right from the start of the issue there’s a great scene featuring all of the members of The Pride as they’ve completed their first “mission”, not without some mishaps — Wolf won’t give up on their training though! The media is going crazy about this new superhero team, and some newscasters are even wondering if the world needs another team. But as they make clear with their perseverance they’re fighting for more than most other teams out there.

Issue #3 of The Pride is still fleshing out its characters as we’re brought into a team still trying to find out how they can work together.


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