By Victor Detroy, Kevin Bieber, Jared Lamp

“That rock is still alive? How is that possible? We killed it… unless rocks are like cats and have 9 lives!”

“Good God. We’re allergic to cats! Run for your lives!”

The President goes on the offensive in Man vs Rock #3 – but just how far is he willing to go to really get rid of these rocks?

Writers Victor Detroy and Kevin Bieber once again teach us through the use of humor about the inevitable invasion of the rocks. Buck Stone, the protagonist of the story, is doing his best to take on the rocks himself – but there is just too many to fight alone…is there anyone out there that can help?

The army! Most of this issue has the army going full-out battle mode on the rock invasion – creating some great action scenes and missile launches. But the rocks are fighting back just as hard.

On the artwork side of this story is Jared Lamp. He takes us through the battles with his black and white pages blasted with detail. A scene that kicks off this issue shows total destruction…all at the hands of a filthy rock! As a bus driver tries to dodge a rock in the middle of a bridge he swerves, flips, slams into the cables, and of course breaks the bridge in half – that rock just came out of nowhere, man! – but the carnage doesn’t end there, the rocks are really out to get us this time.

The team of  Victor Detroy, Kevin Bieber and Jared Lamp have created an alternate history – or maybe a look into the future? – one where rocks are mankind’s greatest enemy. Can we unite and face the rocks? Or all we all doomed? And did Buck ever press the button? Did he? No seriously, did he?



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