Three episodes in, review wise (I’m on episode 8 at the moment, having not quite finished the whole series, so if you are ahead of my reviews I’d appreciate no spoilers in the comments below), it’s amazing how confident Daredevil is. It’s done in three episodes what TV series sometimes struggle to do in one, two or even more seasons – establish a consistently awesome show that doesn’t let up the tension, providing some fresh, exciting and awesome episodes each time out that don’t overly rely on exposition to create a compelling experience that will keep you coming back for more. Rabbit in a Snow Storm is once again an excellent addition to Daredevil and given what I’ve seen, I’m going to label this show as the best superhero drama on television right now, with nothing coming close.

Don't Say His Name...
Don’t Say His Name…

We got our first introduction to Fisk (Vincent D’Onofrio) this episode as Rabbit in a Snow Storm fixed up the focus of the series to show Matt and Foggy in Court. Once the courtroom justice had failed though, Matt took up justice of his own to deliver one hell of an awesome episode that once again really impressed, with the dark and brutal tone of the series keeping on coming. Already, from the fact that John Healy (Alex Morf) would rather throw himself onto an outstretched piece of metal and commit suicide rather than risk the consequences of Fisk finding out that Healy had told Matt his name, shows you that this show isn’t afraid to pull any punches in the violence department if that wasn’t news for you already. And it gave a glimpse as to just how lethal and deadly the enigmatic Fisk can be, especially when you consider how cocky Healy was. If even he was afraid of Fisk, then you’re going to get an idea of what he’s like.

In the shape of other debuting characters, we got Ben Urich (Vondie Curtis-Hall) as an investigative journalist. Urich is a character that fans of the Marvel Universe will no doubt be familiar with (particularly of Spider-Man comics) and it was great to see him added into the mix here. Whilst he’s not working at the Daily Bugle, it would be a cool decision to see him get a job there in Season 2 (or, in other Netflix Spinoffs), now that Marvel has the rights to Spider-Man, just to interconnect their Universes a bit more.

So there were two new and welcome additions to the cast this episode (I’m still having trouble getting used to calling it “this week’s” because they’re released all at once), and a pretty good story that showed Foggy and Matt in the courtroom. Whilst we’re still in early stages it’s amazing how confident Daredevil has been so far and, as mentioned above, having seen several more episodes, it just gets better and better.

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