By Tom Ward, Luke Parker

“I’ve grown up. I’ve learnt life is harsh and full of people willing to hurt those who are different. I’ve done what I’ve had to survive, some things I’m not proud of.”

Writer Tom Ward continues the story of Joseph Merrick, a man who lived in the late 1800’s. In this issue we see the traumatic event that many at the time believed caused his physical appearance — the scare with the elephant to his mother during her pregnancy. This scene kicks off the story and allows this issue to go back and forth from Merrick’s childhood to his new path trying to find someone who wronged him.

The artist on this series is Luke Parker. He once again this issue does a lot of play with shadows, most often having Merrick emerging from them during the dark of night. A great scene where he does this takes place when Dr. Treves (Merrick’s friend) wants Merrick to help him acquire something from a bookstore (won’t tell you what that something is…you’ll never be able to guess!). Merrick’s entrance into this scene comes slowly as each panel of the page his dark figure gets ever closer, appearing as a shadow approaching in the blue hued room of the bookstore. The page that follows shows a close-up of Merrick’s face as he stands in front of a window and the light of the moon catches his face enough to make clear his scars.

This issue brings forth more of the history of the sensational life of Joseph Merrick. This time around we see some of his upbringing and the event that for years people thought had led to his appearance.


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