By Brian Azzarello, Jeff Lemire, Dan Jurgens, Keith Giffen, Allan Goldman, Freddie Williams II, Andy MacDonald, Stephen Thompson, Scott Hanna, Hi-Fi

“Grenades in third pocket from the right, Master Tim.” – Alfred (AI)

“Got it.” – Tim

“That is the flashlight, Master Tim. I said third pocket!”

Silly Tim…he threw a flashlight instead of a grenade! Kids just never learn do they?

The final issue of The New 52: Futures End series ends. But was Tim able to save the future? Or did the future end? Wait…

Writers Brian Azzarello, Jeff Lemire, Dan Jurgens, and Keith Giffen give the final issue all the feels you were hoping for, but an ending you probably didn’t see coming…unless…are you from the future? For those that have been following this series there have been some great points (some of the best being Superman related), and this issue once again brings humor and action in a big way, but is it the ending you were hoping for?

The artwork on this issue hits some high notes, with some great spoiler-filled action. On pencils this week is Allan Goldman, Freddie Williams II, Andy MacDonald, and Stephen Thompson, on inks is Scott Hanna and almost everyone just mentioned, with colors by Hi-Fi. A great scene features Batman/Tim being helped by a stranger carrying a powerful weapon. The top panel showcases the stranger with a pink hue in the background and plenty of baddies surrounding them, but the bottom panel shows a bright orange and yellow explosion taking place as the stranger takes their shot — Batman manages to dodge using some sort of dance move?

The future has ended! Oh the inhumanity! Cats and dogs living together! Or, or not. With an ending that’s something we might see serve as a lead in to Convergence it misses its mark at being a satisfying stopping point for Futures End, but does serve to teach a valuable lesson about time travel (Don’t time travel). Third pocket, Tim …third pocket.


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