By Nick Lang, Matt Lang, Jen Lang, Teia Smith

“It’s just like a hoedown remember? So let’s dance…”

“Mind if I cut in? What? Nobody laughed at my joke?”

Quicksand Jack proves to be your every day western, aside from it being infused with science fiction and plenty of humor. The hero of the story is Quicksand Jack, a cowboy much befitting Clint Eastwood, who came to the town of Brimstone and found Mud, I mean Maude, and serves as somewhat of a protector to her as they both explore the mysteries of the town’s mine.

Writers Nick and Matt Lang together weave an intricate story, that has only gotten better from each issue to the next. Issue #3 sees a return of Quicksand Jack, who was previously ready to leave – but then who would save Mud?!

This issue serves to focus mainly on luck, and in doing so causes even more mystery to swell around Quicksand Jack. What kind of man is he? How did he…?

The artwork in this series is fantastic. Pencils and inks are done by Jen Lang and colors by Teia Smith. Together they create some great scenes, each focusing on the classic western appearance. A scene crafted by the two that shows off some great colors comes from the burning down of Mud’s farm – as it was suspiciously witnessed by some bystanders enjoying her pigs “No sense wasting good pork.” The scene has Mud looking onto her farm encased in bright orange flames in the dark blue panel set in the night. In the foreground Lang casts the characters as both formidable and mysterious, as they look on while enjoying some of the spoils.

In a town seemingly full of corruption it’ll take the team of Quicksand Jack and Mud to lift the curse and restore Brimstone to its glory. But what further mysteries does the mine hold? Is there even a way to end its corruption?


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