By J.A Parker

“Besides, this far from Earth, who can stop me?”

You’re on a mission through space, but the government’s mission is of no concern to you, because you have your own worries to think about – like Family! 

Creator J.A. Parker takes his imaginative art and story telling style into space with his story Blackness which features a lone astronaut on a mission to save his family (and R.O.V.E.R is just the coolest dude around).

The art style is kept simple and quite fun throughout this mini-comic as the hero ventures off in hopes of finding those he’s lost. A scene featuring the hero facing off against a couple of aliens brings some of Parker’s art style into play (as well as his comedic writing) as the difference in gravity from Earth leaves the astronaut feeling like a superhero – beating up some alien scum! The backdrop of the planet is kept grey (moon-like) and elevates the characters from the page due to contrast during each scene. Even with lack of detailing on the faces Parker is still able to convey full expressions – especially during the encounter between the astronaut and the aliens (their reaction to him racing towards them is priceless).

Though lighthearted in appearance this tale is anything but. An astronaut finds himself on a distant planet searching for those he’s lost, and what he finds will make him feel much loss, but also a glimmer of hope.


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