By Walt Simonson, Laura Martin, John Workman

Ragnarök is essentially a metal album given visual form. There are a few current comics that are technically better, but none rock harder than this one. After years of being one of the best, Simonson still manages to show us why we should respect his legacy.

Issue #5 continues Zombie Thor’s journey for knowledge. Surtr’s Berserker Demons are currently hunting the thunder god and will not rest until he is slain. Thor eventually finds the Well of Knowledge, as well as an old friend. However, the Well is dried up and requires a great sacrifice to fill it once more.

Simonson, Martin and Workman make one heck of a creative team. Walt’s high fantasy concepts are on full display. Ragnarök is steeped in Norse mythology and doesn’t back down from that one bit. It also never stops being bleak and hopeless. This is a dark comic, but not in an Identity Crisis “we’re mature because rape and stuff” kind of way. The setting and story simply offer no sense of positivity. Zombie Thor stalks the lands that were once beautiful and are now dust and rock. It’s a fantastic spin on an already compelling lore.

Ragnarök has some truly great art, but that’s to be expected. Come on, people, this is Walt Simonson. Things are made even better with his very capable help. Every panel is full of Laura Martin’s dark blacks and blues. Martin has a way of letting those shadowy places on the panel pull you in and demand attention. John Workman also deserves to be recognized for the best lettering work in comics. Every issue seems to have a crazy scene with a giant word balloon that’s perfectly placed and actually adds to the drama.

If you’re on the fence about this title, you need to rectify your colossal mistake immediately. Ragnarök is the coolest comic on the stands. Simonson’s run on Marvel’s Thor is one of the greatest runs in comic book history, but Ragnarök also deserves to have its place in Simonson’s line of great works.

Ragnarok #5 cover

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