On the second episode of the Redshirt Obituary Podcast, Brooks and Scott watch “The Man Trap” and discuss salt vampires, interspecies relationships, and how William Shatner is surprisingly slimmer in person than you might think. More importantly, in this episode, we actually get McCoy, Spock, Uhura, and Sulu, and we’re rid of that stupid Captain Pike! Join in for a Redshirt body count, ladies slain, and the quote of the episode, plus even more. As always, thanks for listening!

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  • Well, well, well….look who got some intro and exit music. Scottie is improving his mixability, well done. Two things…

    #1 – How can you pass up on the purity of character that is Kirk? He’s the only one that sees “Nancy” in her actual aged human form, as she should be. The only reason that Kirk didn’t “slay” Nancy is that he doesn’t treat with the geriatric crowd like Bones does.
    #2 – The Blues and Yellows (and Engineering) deserve their own obituaries. Lumping them in with the rest of the red shirts is disrespectful. Those men lost their lives allowing a lady to touch them and deprive them of their essential salt, the least you could do is give them their own categories.

    Otherwise, well done. I agree with Brooks that I loved the go-go double axe handle attack by Spock on Nancy. If I had cued up “The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins” it would have synced perfectly with his violence.

    I’m taking three with me on the plane to the beach this weekend, so you better keep me entertained. And yes, I basically see this podcast as your way of keeping me happy.

comments (1)

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