On this week’s episode of The Redshirt Obituary Podcast, our team of Scott (the rookie) and Brooks (the veteran) watch the Star Trek original series episode, “What Are Little Girls Made Of.” Brooks struggles to find anything to say about this episode while Scott struggles to talk about anything other than how attractive the android Andrea is. All that plus real-life irony, a redshirt body count (WE HAVE OUR FIRST REAL REDSHIRT DEATHS!), and Ladies Slain. Also, due to some technical issues, the sound mixing isn’t quite as strong this week, so be ready to hear Scott and Brooks in their full “uh…uhm…you know,” stuttering, unedited glory!

As always, if you wish to contact the guys, feel free to email them at RedshirtObituariesPodcast@gmail.com, and be sure to check out Scott’s Tumblr.

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