by Matt Kindt, Pere Perez,

Straight out of the exhausting battle with The United, Unity #15 takes a different approach and really slows down the action, giving us a very personal look at Ninjak. Of course it makes sense with Matt Kindt also being at the helm of Colin King’s upcoming solo debut (check out our preview for more). Since his introduction in X-O Manowar, all we’ve seen from Ninjak is his gung-ho fighting style so it was great seeing just what makes him tick.

We do know from past issues of Unity that Ninjak is very wealthy and we finally get to see just how wealthy he is. It would be easy to see him as sort of the “Batman” of the Valiant universe, and as much as I love that character as well, I see nothing wrong with it. In fact, it could lead to some very interesting situations, one of which is at the center of this book. Ninjak even has what could potential become his own Alfred in Doctor Wake, a retired spy who helps Ninjak accomplish his missions and acts as a confidant, and in return, able to live a peaceful existence in retirement – or at least as peaceful as living with a super ninja could be.

The plot itself is somewhat secondary but definitely gives us an idea of what Colin King’s day to day is – filled with an entourage of lawyers, assistants, and people pitching him for funding. It certainly opens up a great deal of possibilities for what will come in his own series. Pere Perez jumps on art duties with this arc which is awesome to see. His work on Archer and Armstrong remains among my favorite runs by any artist. His expressive storytelling style is perfect for this type of story and I look forward to seeing how he performs on the rest of the arc.

Unity #15 is a terrific issue with a great change of pace. The focus on individual characters over the next few issues should offer this team a new avenue to shine on their own and serve as a perfect jumping on point for new readers.

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