This week sees the eagerly awaited release of Bloodshot Reborn #1. Here’s what our staff had to say about the book. Look for a full review on Wednesday, and be sure to check out book information at the Valiant Database.

Amy’s take

Terrific start to the next saga of Bloodshot. It’s emotionally charged and filled with tension. Lemire does an excellent job of catching up readers both new and old and getting us into Bloodshot’s headspace. He also smartly uses a character to help break some of the seriousness of the piece. Mico Suayan’s artwork is gorgeous as always. These two have set the bar high. Can’t wait for the next book!

Martin’s take

It’s no secret that Bloodshot hasn’t been my favorite of the Valiant lineup but I have to say that what Jeff Lemire has done with this book is incredible. The direction chosen makes sense and there are some deeply psychological elements that make the story event more interesting. If you’re familiar with the classic Bloodshot series from the 90s, you may find some of the story elements in this issue familiar and with a talented writer like Lemire behind the book, I cannot wait to see where the book ends up. Mico Suayan’s art is incredible and it is obvious that he has been pouring heart and soul into this book for quite a long time. There are some surprise art panels by Lemire in here as well which have been hinted at and I can see why they haven’t been revealed. Bloodshot Reborn #1 is definitely Bloodshot done right.

Paul’s take

Let’s start with this. Mico Suayan’s art is amazing. AMAZING. He’s probably been my favorite cover artist for Valiant. Getting the privilege of having a whole issue with his art work is just too much! What did we do to deserve this? Also, his art work suits the story that Jeff Lemire is taking us on perfectly! How could Bloodshot be more interesting as a normal guy than as a monster with robots in his blood? Jeff is showing us how. I had high hopes for all of the titles that Valiant Next was bringing our way, and my hopes have been consistently exceeded. Bloodshot Reborn may be the best of the bunch.

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