After the events of the premiere issue, Bloodshot is on the hunt for the mysterious mass murderer donning an eerie family resemblance. Here’s our spoiler free group review of Bloodshot Reborn #2.BSRB_002_COVER-A_SUAYAN

Don’s take

Once a hero, always a hero. No nanites? No problem! Ray Garrison may not look like Bloodshot, but he sure acts like him. I absolutely love the art by Mico Suayan. I’m not a fan of Bloodsquirt, but it will be interesting to see how he works out in this storyline. Bring on issue #3.

Martin’s take

I’ve freely admitted that Bloodshot Reborn has finally sold me on the Valiant Entertainment version of the Bloodshot character and with this second issue, Jeff Lemire and Mico Suayan step up the book up just one more knotch to show us why Bloodshot is an interesting character. The emotional struggle that Ray (Bloodshot) faces as he starts to realize he is still connected to the nanites is real and vividly illustrated by Suayan in another masterful issue.

Paul’s take

Holy crap, Jeff Lemire! Holy crap, Mico Suayan! I’m really not sure what’s going to come next in the story. A goofy cartoon character isn’t disrupting the dark tone of the story. Mico’s art compliments the realistic and disturbing tone of the story. Some people may have wondered how a story about a nanite-less Bloodshot could be compelling. It didn’t take long for Jeff and Mico to show us. That’s all you’ll get from me. Go read it.

Bloodshot Reborn

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