The Book of Death event continues as we get the first installment of the tie-in “Fall of” titles with Book of Death: The Fall of Bloodshot #1. How can you kill a being who can regenerate from pretty much any injury? In typical Jeff Lemire fashion that’s how! Read on for our spoiler-free review.

Amy’s take

Beautifully done. An emotionally charged story with plenty of action, this story teases just as much as it reveals about future events. Lemire has left plenty of wiggle room for future storylines and given us several “YES!” moments. The story is a bit like walking through time, and I felt like a voyeuristic tourist but loved every minute of it. By the end, I had tears brimming in my eyes. Do not miss out on this book.

Don’s take

Pirates, and Robots, and Dino’s, oh my! Talk about going on a “rampage! What an interesting start to this book by Jeff Lemire. It reeled me in and kept me hanging on every word ’til the end – then the end, the “fall”, fell flat for me.

Scott’s take

The nature of serialized storytelling is that we’re always reading the middle chapter, but the Book of Death tie-ins for once allow us to see the presumable end for these characters. More importantly, this continued new direction of poignant stories for Bloodshot has produced some excellent comics, but this may be one of the best. Admittedly, it’s not what many of us would expect from a Bloodshot comic, but the ending offers something that everyone who has developed an emotional bond with the character would want for Bloodshot.


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