The first arc of Imperium comes to a close this week as Imperium #4 hits stores. What does Joshua Dysart have in store for us? Read on for our spoiler-free team review!

Amy’s take

This series gets better with each book — and that’s not an easy task considering how amazing this storyline has been. This issue left me astounded after churning me through a spectrum of emotions. Possibly the most science fiction heavy that this series has ever been, but even so, the foundation is still human. This is a not-to-be-missed book. Brace yourselves!

Don’s take

An Imperium book that doesn’t have Toyo Harada in most of the story? Sound strange? Possibly, if the story by Joshua Dysart wasn’t so compelling. Issue #4 had a space opera feel to it. I almost thought I was reading Divinity for a moment. Could these two be on a collision course? Is Broken Angel friend or foe? It’s going to be fun, and apparently somewhat dangerous, finding out.

Martin’s take

For those of you who have had any doubts as to Joshua Dysart’s plan for this series: read Imperium #4. I have loved every issue of this series, but things are really starting to click together, setting up a second arc that is sure to make this book kick it up another notch. Imperium has quickly become one of my top two Valiant titles and with good reason. Dysart and Braithwaite are really crafting an amazing story that in time may even put Dysart’s work on Harbinger to shame.

Paul’s take

Holy crap! On so many levels, holy crap; I didn’t see any of this coming. This issue adds many layers to the complexity of Imperium’s story. Anybody who has read Harbinger should know that Dysart has a lot of depth in his stories. Imperium has just continued to dig deeper and deeper. One thing this issue shows is that there is plenty of story still to come in Imperium. More questions are raised than answers are given. And there is some CRAZY stuff in this issue. Enjoy!

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