Dead Hand returns as we finally get a former introduction to the X-O Army. Here are our spoiler-free thoughts on X-O Manowar #36.

Amy’s take

The continuation of the Dead Hand arc takes the impending battle up several notches. Aric continues to grow as a leader and rallies his army for the battle against the Dead Hand robots, but the army isn’t who you’d expect. A new concept regarding the X-O armors is revealed, and I’m left wondering about similarities between the armors and the Vine. It was a good read, and I’m ready for main event to get started.

Don’s take

Robert Venditti + Diego Bernard + Ryan Winn + Brian Reber = Another top notch issue in the history of X-O Manowar. This #36 issue has important armor history revealed and more potential poster’s in one issue than I’ve seen in a long time. What a team effort by these guys! Did Mr. Venditti just bring a little Green Lantern with him for this issue? It all works for me!

Martin’s take

Robert Venditti and Diego Bernard have become pretty much synonymous with X-O Manowar in the modern era and with good reason – this book continues to get better and better with every issue. There are some interesting new revelations in issue #36 as we formally meet the X-O army and the deep connection the armors share. Dead Hand has been terrific so far, and after this issue, it hands to very excited for the final showdown!

Paul’s take

One step closer to a showdown with Dead Hand. This issue had an interesting twist and the overall feel reminded me of Venditti’s Green Lantern run. If you’ve been reading X-O through this arc, you’re going to love this installment. If you haven’t read it yet, you should definitely catch the last few issues as well! This arc has been a great story. It ties in with so much, but I also feel that it is very approachable for new readers.

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