The current arc of Unity has been concentrating on individual characters and with issue 18, we finally learn what the big battle that nearly broke the team was, and just what is being transported inside Gin-GR.

Don’s take

Ah, Unity #18 brings a whole lot of clarity. Then a reunion. Then separation. Then the start of World War 3? Bring on #19!

Martin’s take

Team books can be difficult to do right but Matt Kindt has been on a roll over the past few months and has really knocked it out of the park with the current arc. The introduction of Charlie Palmer to Unity left me wanting a bit more of the character, but it’s obvious that the character was being used as a way to show just how much the Unity team has evolved and why they have been so successful. With that said, this issue may just be Pere Perez best work on the title to date, if not some of his best Valiant work overall. Unity #18 is a terrific issue and really shows why Unity may just be the best title you’re not reading.

Paul’s take

I was very excited to see the reemergence of Charlie Palmer. He shows up to lead a Unity team that, well, doesn’t really need leading. Not only do we get Palmer, but we get another returning character! Also, I’m glad this issue came after the last three rather than before. You’ll have to read it to see why!

Scott’s take

Thus far, this has been one of my favorite arcs of this series to date. Rather than continue to throw accolades on Matt Kindt and Pere Perez, I’ll limit my review to this: there’s a page in here involving a donkey and gag that could have come from a (morbid) episode of Looney Tunes that made me laugh out loud. Those panels alone are worth the cover price.

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