By Dan Slott, Michael Allred, Laura Allred

“Look, children. A shooting star… And what do we do when we see a shooting star?”

We run and hide!

It’s the greatest monster of them all in his 8th adventure by storytellers Dan Slott and Michael Allred…the Silver Surfer! Even the power cosmic won’t be able to help the Surfer escape from his past in this newest issue to the always entertaining story about a guy and a girl surfing the stars on a board named Toomie.

Dan Slott delivers another excellent issue to his run on Silver Surfer and makes sure to keep the lighthearted humor flowing even in a story that focuses on the darker nature of its title character. What could the Surfer’s dark past be? Hmmm, for people familiar with the character you might be able to guess, but for those as new to the Surfer as Dawn Greenwood is it might come as a surprise when finding out what the Surfer has done in his past.

The artwork once again fits perfectly to the storytelling in this week’s issue, and is once again done by the team of Michael Allred and Laura Allred. The cover seen below features a really cool scene that foreshadows a bit of what’s to come inside – who is that shadowed figure lurking in the background? – Hint: It’s the Surfer and they’re trying to escape from him!

Some fun panels in this issue come from the Surfer giving Dawn a chance to “drive” the board among the stars, this creates some funny lines coming from the text as well as a scene where Dawn is able to turn them upside down in space – something Surfer thought impossible. The panels themselves are similar in colors, but it’s the comparison from one page to the next that makes them stand out. On one page the Surfer is asking Dawn if she’d like to fly, and the next page shows some of the panic on Surfer’s face as he tries to compose himself as they swirl all over space.

Spend enough time with someone and your past is bound to resurface. This issue takes this idea and flies away with it. Will Dawn Greenwood ever forgive him? Is Toomie mad at the Surfer too? How will the Surfer fix all this? And who is closing in on his trail?

Silver Surfer #9
Silver Surfer #9

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