What time is it? It’s Something Valiant time! I hope everyone enjoyed last week’s list from Clayton Crain – that dude is all “Rai”ght!

It looks like we had a correct guesser (is that a word? I guess I should look it up, but, then again, nah! It’s a word now, I, uh, guess) on last weeks hint, which was: He’s a man of the “peeples.” I know, I know, these hints are super tough to guess each week. It took about an hour for someone to guess it correctly (nice job, Brett Simon!). Did I say the word guess enough in this paragraph? Yep, you guessed it (not again…oh well), it’s artist extraordinaire, Brent Peeples! Mr. Peeples just keeps cranking out the art on Valiant hits, such as X-O Manowar, The Delinquents, and The Valiant, just to name a few of his masterpieces!

Here is Mr. Peeples Top 5 (oh, wait, 6…lol) Valiant Moments, so far:

  1. Getting to draw characters that I loved as a kid growing up.
  2. Signing at the Valiant booth in NYCC. Such a great time.
  3. Drawing my first X-O Manowar cover.
  4. Interacting with Valiant fans, they are passionate.
  5. Hanging out with the Valiant staff. It’s like a family. From creators to editorial to marketing, all great folks.
  6. Ass Map.

There you have it, straight from Mr. Peeples himself. And Mr. Peeples is so nice, he is willing to donate some sketches for a Something Valiant contest (details to come). Thank you so much, Mr. Peeples, for your time and generosity.

Now it’s time for next weeks hint: “This van is a lemon. That salesman took me hook, line, and sinker!” Feel free to leave guesses (oh boy) in the comments.

Everyone have a great week. Be sure to check out the past articles with Bob Hall, Fred Van Lente, and Clayton Crain. Remember, if you’re going to read something, read Something Valiant. I guess…

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