Hello, Valianteers!

Let me introduce myself. My name is Don Acree. I live in the beautiful Commonwealth of Kentucky. I am married to a wonderful woman named Jenny and I have 3 fantastic stepchildren that I call my own every single day. Why do I need to introduce myself? Because…

I am honored and humbled to be a new writer here at Valiant Central (Thanks, Martin Ferretti). First off, let me say that I am a Valiant fan. I probably couldn’t win any Valiant trivia contests. I don’t have any issues memorized from front to back. I don’t own every single issue, trading card, poster, toy, etc., that has ever been released by Valiant. Make no mistake, Valiant is my favorite comic book company in the world. I am a fan.

Thursdays, starting February 5, will be the day that my articles, stories, fluff pieces will be released. Don’t expect hard hitting news. Don’t expect in depth reporting. Don’t expect 10 page articles. Comic books are supposed to be fun. Hopefully, this little space of words will be fun to read, too.

I hope you will be able to read the excitement. I hope you will be able to read the fun. Most of all, I hope you will get to read…Something Valiant. The debut article on February 5 will feature…Nah, that would be too easy. How about a hint? Hint: The hallway has shadows. So remember, if you’re going to read something, read “Something Valiant.”

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