Part Two of Valiant’s four-part miniseries, The Valiant, was released 1/21. An epic adventure tale that incorporates many of the Valiant universe heroes, The Valiant features a fight for humanity against a threat that wants to kill the new Geomancer and plunge the earth into a new dark age.

The battle for humanity is inevitable, and the Eternal Warrior stands ready to defend the Geomancer as he has always done. Although he has lost this battle for the world three times before, the playing field is different this time. The Eternal Warrior isn’t alone. He has Ninjak, Bloodshot, and if the last panel of this book is any indication, an arsenal of help to call upon, including Doctor Mirage, X-O Manowar, and Archer. But can their combined brute force defeat an immortal force of nature? Will it come down to brute force or is there something else that can help to defeat the enemy? Perhaps the game-changer will be inside the “mystery box.”

A running theme through the first two books is the “mystery box.” Book One showed Bloodshot on a mission for Neville of MI-6 to recover a large box from what appears to be a crash site in a jungle. Bloodshot has no idea what is in the box, but Neville says it is something that MI-6 has been tracking for a long time. PRS agents are also after the box, so its contents must be valuable in nature, either as weaponry or tech.

Book Two shows that the box is now at MI-6 headquarters but is unable to be opened by any of their methods. Livewire states that the tech is not something that she has seen before – which seems to indicate that it is either alien or very, very old (or possibly futuristic?). Even Ninjak is intrigued. He and the Eternal Warrior are on a mission to retrieve an ancient man known as the Breaker, who has a harbinger-like ability to break any code. On a side note, Breaker was last seen in Unity #0 as an ally of Eternal Warrior.

So what’s in the box? My prediction is that whatever it contains, it will be used as a last-ditch effort to save the day – successfully. The reverbations from this epic battle, win or lose, will affect the universe going forward. I’m also wondering if the box’s contents will have a lasting impact on the Valiant Universe.

Perhaps Valiant Entertainment should have an unveiling on Youtube of the characters opening the box. That would be a fun addition to their collection of “talking” covers.

What are your predictions as to what the box contains?

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