by Becky Cloonan, Andy Belanger & Lee Loughridge

With all of the great series being launched at Image every week it can be overwhelming to keep track of them all. Well, here is a handy tip: get on Southern Cross early while you can. Alex Braithe is on board the Southern Cross taking a five-day voyage to Titan to investigate her sister’s death. This is Alex’s second day on the Southern Cross and there is plenty of suspicions abound.

There have been plenty of space mystery comics over time, but not all of them can pull off a cohesive story such as Southern Cross. Becky Cloonan has been mostly known for her art, but lately she has really shown her writing chops. Southern Cross is a prime example of how well Cloonan can weave a story. Southern Cross still has plenty of mystery and intrigue to keep readers feeling as lost as Alex. However, Cloonan uses a subtle approach to Southern Cross‘s storytelling that keeps readers turning the pages and captures our attention. Being an artist, Cloonan knows to show restraint and let the artist work to help tell the story.

Southern Cross has looked absolutely stunning so far and that is thanks to some amazing interior work from Andy Belanger. When you tackle art duties on a book that carries Becky Cloonan’s name on it too, it can be a lot to live up to artistically. Yet, Belanger delivers some incredible pages with fun panel work that still makes for a smooth read.  His full-page spread of the Southern Cross right at the beginning of this issue was so grandiose that it brings readers right back into the story. Southern Cross‘s art is able to reflect both the mystery of the plot with the setting’s sci-fi element, thanks to Loughridge’s colors. Loughridge gives Southern Cross a dark tone while somehow still making it look like a very vibrant comic. Both Belanger and Loughridge were excellent choices for bringing Southern Cross to life on the pages.

If you are someone who is always looking for that next sci-fi mystery than Southern Cross is a must read. These creators work seamlessly to deliver an alluring story that looks incredible with every turn of the page. By the end of the issue you’ll definitely want to read more because nothing is what it seems on board the Southern Cross.


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