By Paul Jenkins, Jonboy, Fco Plascencia, Todd McFarlane

“I had a little dog once when I was nine. But I don’t remember it talking.”

A talking dog! What’s better than a talking dog? Not a whole lot is better than a talking dog –in case you were wondering if anything was better than a talking dog.

Writer Paul Jenkins brings back a familiar face to Spawn (with added dialogue by Todd McFarlane) in this one shot issue of Spawn Resurrection. If you haven’t guessed it already there is a taking dog in this issue, but really it’s just God chillin’ as a dog. Al Simmons sent himself into limbo years ago but  now it’s time he headed back to Earth, because something has happened that will change him forever! If only he’d been there! One wrong turn can change everything!

On the artwork side of this issue is artist Jonboy accompanied by colorist Fco Plascencia. This issue focuses on some past memories of Al, as well as a look into scenes reminiscent of current events. There are plenty of great panels of artwork in this issue, but the standout ones come towards the end after Spawn finds out what happened in the real world, and what inevitably forces his return. This scene of realization showcases Al Simmons going from a regular looking  guy (from the neck up) to becoming Spawn once more (from the neck up). The panel after the transformation is complete has Spawn shouting as fire ignites around him. Plascencia covers the flames by Jonboy in an intense orange that pops them from the page — Spawn isn’t happy, but God/dog doesn’t flinch.

Spawn gets a revamp as a familiar face comes back into the fold, with a new toy in hand. Also there’s a talking dog. A talking dog!


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