By Dan Slott, Michael Allred, Laura Allred

“Spare my world and I will be your herald!”

Galactus is back and once again he’s hungry! But can the Surfer stop him? Or is the world of Newhaven doomed?

Writer Dan Slott brings us back to the world of Newhaven, a sanctuary for those that have met with Galactus before, in the newest issue of Silver Surfer. This series has always had its mix of action and drama, but no issue before has quite reached this level – and come the issue’s end EVERYTHING changes.

Slott manages to create a convincing face-off between Galactus and Silver Surfer, but it’s what happens shortly after that makes the issue so powerful as Dawn Greenwood becomes a central piece to the story and her courage shines brightly — also…did Surfer just say…noooo…wait…

The artists on this series are Michael and Laura Allred, with Michael on art and Laura on colors. This series is always filled with big panels of detailed and imaginative work, with this issue being no different. A great panel featuring Surfer’s attack on Galactus showcases Michael’s talents with his art as well as the panel layouts. The top panel, spanning two pages, features Surfer attacking Galactus with the Power Cosmic, as the below panels give another shot of Surfer with a view of the citizens below – which leads into just a shot of the citizens as Surfer’s courage is beginning to rub off on them. Laura’s colors place Surfer in the foreground as the planet’s surface and sky both contain a pink hue that blends Galactus more into the background of the scene, which also serves to make the citizens stand out more as well (also Galactus has a lot of wrinkles…must have been awhile since his last meal).

This issue is all about overcoming one of the biggest villains in the Marvel Universe, Galactus! But Silver Surfer can’t possibly do it alone…can he? And is his time serving as a herald truly over? Or just beginning?


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