By David Faroz Precht, Danny Luckert

“I wonder if these things believe in what they’re doing. Eating people. Or are they just doing it? Is it programming that keeps them looking for food?”

Tethered is a completely different take on the idea of zombies, and one met with the descriptive voice of David Faroz Precht and the killer artwork of Danny Luckert.

Precht’s writing throughout this comic, which consists of sixteen chapters (107 pages) follows around two zombies, but their spirits are tethered and forced to linger above and watch their former bodies mindlessly walk around. The lines that kick off the story puts this concept into a good perspective –

“I died a week ago, or two maybe. I don’t know. One second I was there, the next I wasn’t. It’s not as clear as it once was. Didn’t have a funeral – thanks for that by the way. No one seemed to care. Maybe it was two weeks ago. I watch it run. My Body. It always did hunger for more.”

Precht continues with strong writing throughout the story, even including some Hemingway quotes every now and then. He presents a tale that is just as much about mortality and living, from the perspective of the dead (makes sense when you read it), as it is about those trying to survive the zombie apocalypse.

Oh, and another awesome line by Precht – “Hunter S. Thompson lived life completely. The man drank and took all the drugs. He moved from station to station sampling all of life’s entrees.”

The artwork by Danny Luckert is impressive throughout the story, often times presented in black and white with various colors coming in every now and then, and full color pages coming in during flashback sequences. The artwork is kept highly detailed throughout and from one page to the next you can tell Luckert put his soul (get it?) into these pages. The first page to chapter three depicts a zombie that apparently passed while out on a run…must have something to do with that large hole in the back of his head. This scene showcases one of the tethered main characters looking down upon the carnage as another tethered soul continues to pester him — if only he’d just go away!

With a combination of great writing and artwork alongside a creative concept this comic offers something you should be reading! Read it now at in case the zombie apocalypse comes!



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