by Jason Aaron, Russell Dauterman & Matthew Wilson

It was only a matter of time before both Thors would come face-to-face. Odinson, missing an arm and his hammer, is none too happy with the mystery woman who now wields Mjolnir and carries the name of Thor. Now Odinson turns his anger onto this new Thor, when there are much larger problems to deal with. Can both Thor’s work together to stop Malekith?

This issue felt like the end of the introductory arc of the new Thor. Her identity has been a mystery since she picked up Mjolnir from the moon. She does seem to give subtle hints to whom she may be, but nothing concrete. Since Jason Aaron has taken up the Thor title, he has delivered some of the best God of Thunder stories ever. After his initial run ended and a new female Thor was announced, readers wondered what to expect from the Thor relaunch. So far, Aaron hasn’t lost his Asgardian touch. Thor has remained an incredibly engaging series to read. The added dynamic of a new Thor taking over the title from Odinson is a fun way to add conflict to the story. Also, the mystery behind the new Thor is always an incredibly attractive part of the story. Almost to the point that as a reader, you almost don’t want her to reveal her identity. The intrigue itself is so attractive that it also feels like a driving force behind the story.

Since Russell Dauterman has been handling the art for Thor, he has done a magnificent job of bringing these stories of Gods to life. Dauterman has a very realistic approach to his characters however he also adds light-heartedness to his interior work that helps enforce the mystical side of the Asgardians’ realm. It’s also because of Matthew Wilson’s amazing color palette he uses for Thor really makes this series pop. The way this art team handled the Thor vs. Thor fight in this issue was a magnificent display panel work and some well thought out movement effects that made this entire issue exciting.

Everyone will have different opinions when there is a change with a series or character they hold dear, especially Marvel or DC superheroes. However, if you are one who just loves great stories and entertaining comics, than this new Thor is a terrific character for you to read. These four issues felt like enough to really get anyone on board with this series. The new God of Thunder has more than proven why she was chosen to carry the name of Thor.


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