by Jason Aaron, Russell Dauterman & Matthew Wilson

This week’s issue of Thor marks the end of the new Thor’s first adventure. This new Thor has been somewhat of a loner since she appeared on the scene. However, when the All-Father Odin sends the Destroyer after you just to retrieve Mjolnir, a little help wouldn’t hurt. Thor Odinson has brought friends to help assist in defeating the Destroyer and no Asgardian story would be complete without a climactic battle.

This run on Thor that Jason Aaron has crafted has been a really stimulating read. Many tried to label this new female Thor series as a “gimmick“. Even though it may have initially brought in new readers to check out the new bearer of Mjolnir, it’s the enthralling mystery that Aaron weaved with this new Thor’s identity that kept reader entranced.  Every issue has been solid and this final issue is no exception. This was a wonderful addition to the Thor mythos and many will be wondering what will become of Thor once the dust of Secret Wars settles.

Every issue of Thor has looked absolutely stunning thanks to the beautifully meticulous work of Russell Dauterman.  Whether it’s an action-packed fight scene or an endearing interaction between characters, Dauterman’s art puts the reader right into the story and brings these pages to life. Dauterman’s work has remained consistently of the highest caliber through all eight issues of Thor which made it that much more enjoyable to read. Colors by Matthew Wilson were crucial to giving Thor its bold look. Wilson made every page of Thor vividly stick out without being distracting, in fact it made it that much more fun to read.

This has been the perfect creative team for this arc of Thor‘s history. Hard to believe it’s only been eight issues, but these creators know how to deliver a rich story. It’s one thing to promise to shake things up in a large shared universe at either of the Big Two, but rarely do these stories deliver to readers expectations. This run of Thor did, every issue was perfect and collected this will be a wonderful Thor story to read in a large chunk. It’s great to sit here and reflect on this amazing run of Thor while looking over all eight issues. But, then you get intrigued because you wonder what will come next. Thanks to Aaron, Dauterman and Wilson for delivering a wonderful story. What more could you ask for?

Thor #8
Thor #8

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