is moving to a brand new home, right here on! The new site will be integrated into our regular posts and pages, but will also have it’s out special landing page and subdomain on where you can immediately catch up and all things Valiant. Former Editor-in-Chief released this statement about our launch this Monday (June 15). Nothing will change as far as the coverage on Valiant from the original Valiant Central crew. If anything you’re going to get more coverage from these fine folks as they expand into other reviews and other aspects of the comic world while, of course, still maintaining the focus on Valiant. Check out the official announcement from Martin Ferretti:

Over the past few weeks, you all have read my thoughts on how this site could move forward and how we planned on concentrating on more long form content for a universe we all know and all. Part of one of those rants, was my renewed dedication to bringing you the best Valiant-related content on the web, and so I am proud to announce that starting Monday, Valiant Central will become a part of All-Comic.

My reasoning for the move is simple: Tyler, Alex and Spencer do amazing work covering all aspects of comic life on that site and share the same passion and dedication for comics that we do. By joining the All-Comic family, it will allow us to concentrate on what matters most to us – the content – while spending less time crawling press releases and the web for news.

You will still receive the same great, fresh content but with a renewed focus on in-depth analysis of what’s happening in the Valiant universe, with the same amazing, insightful crew that you’ve come to know and love, just in a new home. Starting Monday, this site will begin forwarding you directly to our new home at All-Comic ( so don’t worry, there’s nothing you will have to do to get updates. All our columns and podcasts will remain in place as well.

We look forward to what this will mean for the Valiant community going forward, and be sure to check out all the other amazing content at All-Comic, as we will be participating in that as well.

And as always, stay Valiant!


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