By Marguerite Bennet, Mike Norton, Fco Plascencia

“Food is scarce as it is, never understood why no one cooked those pussycats a long time ago.”

“But they’re endangered!

“What isn’t these days? Besides, anything’s good with barbecue sauce.”

“What’s barbecue sauce?

“Oh, Kid, you’re breaking my heart.”

Hate to break the news, but according to this comic the future is void of barbecue sauce… also most mutants.

Victor Von Doom has taken over as the ruler of pretty much everything as mutants are a dying breed thanks to the Mutant Control Act. Luckily for the mutants though a new hero has risen… the daughter of Kitty Pryde and Colossus! Christina takes center stage as the main hero of this story, alongside a few familiar faces — Wolverine, Magneto…

Writer Marguerite Bennet gives a steady history of what’s been going down, as well as a look into how many mutants are left and some of the ones everyone is looking for (where’s Storm?!). There’s even a nice sentinel fight, which is important to include in anything X-Men related.

The artist on this issue is Mike Norton along with colors provided by Fco Plascencia. The artwork throughout is pretty well done, the characters often seeming as if illuminated by Placencia’s colors. Norton also depicts a grotesque look at an aged Blob that was put into a coma and used for medical experiments — Blob isn’t too happy about it either. A great page (page 21 for you kids reading at home) depicts the newly super-powered (once again super-powered) mutant team facing off against an assault of sentinels. Christina’s powers get revealed for the first time as Norton places everyone in a great action pose. Plascencia loads the page with color, even depicting Magneto’s manipulation of the metal objects around him in a bright purple beam (the guy is still wearing his purple underwear on the outside of his outfit… get with the times, man!).

Years of Future Past #1 sets out to show that Y, whether it be in the present, or years in the future, or years in the future’s past…

Years of Future Past #1
Years of Future Past #1

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