Valiant Entertainment’s flagship title X-O Manowar is hitting it’s milestone 50th issue and it’s bringing about the end of an era with Robert Venditti leaving the title and, for now, the crown character (pun not intended) of the new, Valiant Universe taking a back seat to some of the new, upcoming titles Valiant has announced. In celebration of this issue, Valiant has brought together fifty amazing artists from all over Valiant’s timeline for one, massive jam cover for the oversized series finale to X-O Manowar.

For, we’re more than proud to share with you four of those awesome covers from some big time VH1 (90s Valiant) artists including Bloodshot co-creator Kevin Vanhook, classic X-O Manowar artist Mike Leeke, Shadowman artist Bob Hall and Rai artist Joe St. Pierre. Stay tuned to Valiant of more on the complete cover piece in the coming days, but until then enjoy these excellent covers below. Viva Valiant!


MIKE LEEKE (Classic X-O MANOWAR series artist from the original Nineties Valiant)


KEVIN VANHOOK  (Co-Creator of Bloodshot, one of Valiant’s best-selling superheroes)


JOE ST. PIERRE (Classic RAI artist from the original Nineties Valiant)


BOB HALL (Veteran comics artist from the original Valiant’s SHADOWMAN series)

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