This was the episode that was calm before the storm, but on Game of Thrones, the calm can still be pretty exciting. Despite all the fan theories concerning that the Arya who was stabbed on the bridge was actually Arya or not, or somebody else wearing her face, it turned out that it was indeed Arya who was still being hunted by the Waif. The Waif is able to catch up with her twice, but eventually she, thanks to Needle, got the upper hand and was able to kill her pursuer, returning her head to Jaqen. Arya’s now on a course back to Westeros, but where she’s headed remains unknown. Is it to continue crossing off the characters on her list? Or will she rejoin Sansa and Jon, assuming they survive their upcoming conflict with Ramsay Bolton?

Arya is on the run...
Arya is on the run…

Either way, this allowed for an excellent chase sequence that panned out really well, and was one of the tenser moments of the episode. Of course, Arya would eventually come up on top over the Waif, but that didn’t stop her use of Needle being such a cool moment. Despite that though this ultimately means that the storyline that we’ve been building for two seasons now has kind of gone nowhere, as Arya is back to being Arya again. Still, that didn’t stop it from being pretty gripping.

Daenerys returned with Drogon this week after spending most of Season 6 away from Tyrion and company. It was great to see her return especially as the Tyrion storyline has been another disappointing one this season, despite Dinklage killing it as usual. Tyrion found out that his plans didn’t work despite his best attempts to negotiate and as a result Meereen was about to be destroyed. It seems like Daenerys’ arrival couldn’t have arrived at a better time.

It seems that Cersei has run into a problem of her own by the fact that she can no longer use The Mountain to get her way out of trouble anymore due to Tommen declaring that trial by the faith now replaces trial by combat. This means that Cersei is going to be pretty desperate and it will be interesting to see where she goes from here. Meanwhile, Jaime threatened to kill Edmure Tully’s youngest son, forcing the Tullys to stand their forces down. This end result led to a siege that aside from the Blackfish, didn’t result in any deaths, and gave us another cool reunion moment of the series as Jaime and Brienne were reunited, and would raised questions about the Oathbreaker sword, but Jaime decided that it would be probably best if Brienne kept it. Another cool throwback to the earlier events in the season was the repeating of “the things we do for love” line which was used in the event that cause Jaime to make Bran fall from the tower way back in the pilot.

No One was another awesome episode of Game of Thrones that was handled pretty well focusing on the characters who weren’t with Sansa and Jaime. It’ll be interesting to see where the remaining two episodes take us, as Battle of the Bastards and The Winds of Winter will no doubt have big repercussions as we look set to finish Season 6.

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