Calling all cosplayers! Millarworld is on the lookout for the world’s most convincing Chrononauts, handsome Hucks and kick-ass Kick Ass costumes.

With a $500 prize and a full-page photo in upcoming sci-fi spectacular Jupiter’s Legacy 2, the stakes are high for talented cosplayers who mimic their favourite Millarworld characters.

If you already own Hit Girl nunchucks or a homemade lycra time-travelling suit (who doesn’t?) it’s time to dust them off and get applying.


Entering is simple. Create the costume, strike a pose and take a photo. Entrants can submit their photos via the Millarworld forums at with their name and a short bio.

The contest will run from February until May and the winner, along with 24 runners up, will have their photos published in the back of much-anticipated comic Jupiter’s Legacy 2.

Mark Millar said: “I love cosplay. Number one, it’s fun, which should be the fundamental thing the business is about. Number two, I love the fact it’s brought so many people into comics who would otherwise not have been into the convention scene in particular. I know people have cosplayed for two years before they picked up their first book and now they’re hooked. That can only be a good thing. But I also love the craft of it, the effort cosplayers go to and how these pictures have become an art-form in themselves.

“There’s something just really exciting about being in print and Frank Quitely and I are opening up the back pages to the Jupiter’s Legacy sequel this June for a special, extended edition where the best 25 cosplay pictures posted in the Millarworld thread get published in the book and the very best, the one that just blows us away, gets $500. This is something I’d love to do every Spring, much like our Millarworld New Talent competition every September.”

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