Superheroes as gods and privatised demon-hunters – two of 2000 AD’s most popular strips from the past 13 years are to be collected in their entirety for the first time!

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The Ten-Seconders and Caballistics Inc. have been fully collected in new digital-first editions available from 2000 AD’s webshop, and Apple and Android apps.

Featuring work by Rob Williams (Martian ManhunterCla$$war), Ben Oliver (X-MenBatman/Superman), Gordon Rennie (Department of Monsterology), and Dom Reardon (Anthony Horowitz’s Raven’s Gate), both fan favorite series have had previous print collections, but these new digital-first editions include their uncollected finales and bring together both series in their entirety.

Ben Smith, head of comics and books for Rebellion Publishing, said: “Finding new ways to share the vast 2000 AD back catalog has been one of the greatest benefits to developing and maintaining our comics app and web platform. Having the freedom to experiment and add to the burgeoning publishing list with these digital first editions means we can react to reader demand and share ever more from the archives.”

The Ten-Seconders sees humanity destroyed by a race of super-powered beings who now rule the world as gods. Against them are a rag-tag band of survivors, dubbed ‘The Ten Seconders’ in reference to their average life expectancy in battle.

Featuring art by Oliver, as well as Mark Harrison (Durham Red), Dom Reardon (Alex Rider), Shaun Thomas (Judge Dredd), Edmund Bagwell (Indigo Prime), and Ben Willsher (Judge Dredd), this 217-page digital edition collects the entire series, including the previously uncollected epic series finale Godsend.

Gordon Rennie and Dom Reardon’s Caballistics Inc. mixes geek culture with Forteana and gothic horror as Department Q, set up to defeat the Nazis in occult warfare, is privatized. Bought by reclusive millionaire rock star Ethan Kostabi, and rebranded as Caballistics, Inc., the team must not only face the forces of the supernatural but also the dark secrets at the very heart of their organisation.

One of the most striking series 2000 AD has published, thanks in large part to Reardon’s stunning black and white art, this collection completes the gripping tale of intrigue and the occult for the first time in a 345-page digital collection that includes the never-before-reprinted last stories, Ashes and The Nativity.


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