The Walking Dead 7.05 “Go Getters”


Directed by Darnell Martin (Law & Order, Grey’s Antonomy) and written by Channing Powell (The Walking Dead, White Collar), “Go Getters” shifts the action back to the Hilltop and Alexandria, where the split narratives showcased the growing resistance to Negan’s dictatorship regime. We get to explore what happened next with Maggie, who along with her baby is still alive and now has to mourn Glenn alone, like every other member of her family that she’s lost.

Maggie is without a doubt the person who has lost the most on this show; up there with Rick for sure. It’s hard to watch her go through this period of grief again, but then The Walking Dead has never been a happy show to begin with. It turns out Maggie’s child has been delivered by the Hilltop’s Doctor, and now she’s all about one thing, getting revenge for Glenn and Abraham’s deaths. However, one thing that Maggie first had to contend with before this was Gregory, who is unhappy that Maggie and her people have failed to get rid of Negan and have only made it worse for them. Gregory is more interested in protecting his own skin than helping the Alexandrians, but at least lets them stay the night.

Jesus tries to try to change Gregory’s mind, with Sasha offering a worst-case scenario of buying Maggie a place at the hilltop. However, Jesus remains insistent that it won’t come down to that. Maggie does warn Jesus and Sasha that because Gregory is a coward, it’s likely to make him far more dangerous as he’ll do anything in order to survive. But then they then look out the window to find out that the Hilltop gate has been left open with fires having been lit, causing walkers to pour in. Eventually, the problem is solved, but they have a bigger one to deal with in the form of Negan’s trucks, as Gregory is forced to tell Jesus to keep Sasha and Maggie quiet in order to stay alive. But Gregory is Gregory, so naturally – he turns on them.

It turns out that luckily for Maggie and Sasha, Jesus had hidden them in another closet meaning that all Simon found was Gregory’s scotch, so naturally he decides to take that to Negan instead, taking the Hilltop supplies with him in the process.

Maggie deals with Glenn's death.

Maggie deals with Glenn’s death.

Carl decides to stay behind whilst Rick heads out on a mission and ends up befriending Enid who has to figure some things out and has to stay behind. She’s determined to go and see Maggie despite objections. Carl and Enid eventually bond while Carl apologizes for locking Enid in the armory earlier, believing that it was for her own best interests as he didn’t want her to see Glenn and Abraham die. They then end up roller skating down the road in one of the more lighter-hearted moments of the series. In the overall scheme of an otherwise fairly grim episode, it’s a welcome change. Both these two end up watching the pillaging of the Hilltop from their hideout in the woods, and end up sharing a kiss. Yes, it was a bit convenient for the two to find roller skates that were the right size in this post-apocalyptic world, but for the most part it was a moment that seemed to work.

Sasha and Maggie are able to escape and Maggie in the process punches Gregory, taking Glenn’s watch back from him that he kept for himself. Jesus then decides that he now sees a future without Gregory and Sasha realizes that Jesus could provide information for them regarding the location of the Sanctuary. That is, if he is able to follow the Saviors back. This is a task that Sasha asks Jesus to keep from Maggie, even if both of them aren’t too keen on it.

This episode was the first of the series to alternate between two different storylines, with the first focusing on Sasha, Maggie and Jesus and the second focusing on Carl and Enid. It may not have been the most solid episode of The Walking Dead ever, but it did put a few more players in place who were ready to rebel properly against Negan, and set the momentum strongly for the future episodes to follow as it gave Carl his biggest moment yet so far this season.

What did you think of this week’s episode of The Walking Dead? Let me know in the comments section below and stay tuned for next Sunday’s episode at 9pm on AMC.

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