Updated July 1st: Scott Summers is joining #TeamQuitters now, too. Not the old one. Well, actually the older one. Who’s young. Comics be crazy. Again, what exactly all these tykes are quitting isn’t inherently clear. Quitting the old guard’s way of doing things? Possibly. Is it just Cyclops quitting or are the rest of the All-New X-Men (who are actually the original X-Men…again, comics) hopping aboard as well? Or off-board? This is getting confusing.


Updated June 30th: Well, great. Now the Totally Awesome Hulk is quitting too. What exactly he’s quitting isn’t as clear. In an homage to The Incredible Hulk #1, the latest teaser shows us another youngin’ declaring their can-quit attitude. Go get ’em, you wacky kids.


Original Post June 29th: Look at these quitters. The lot of ’em. This particular promo from Marvel, with its youth in revolt, likely stems from the fallout of Civil War II and will be the thematic thread of the new Marvel NOW! initiative. There goes the All-New, All-Different Avengers. Now they’re newer and…uh…different..er. Yeah.



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