Class of 2017: Best of… Nominees

This year, the tireless staff at All-Comic have voted, blindly, on their choices for the following categories. Those votes have been compiled and added up until we had the list below based on the number of nominations each received from our staff. As we speak, voting is happening to decide the winners.

Remember, this is but a small sample of books and creators that stood out to us. There are hundreds of other creators and books out there that have been great–and there was a ton of single votes–but these made the final cut. Thanks to all creators from all levels for their hard work in 2017. We can’t wait for 2018!

Best New (Ongoing): Black Hammer, The Dregs, Extremity, Black Bolt
Best Ongoing Series: Hawkeye, Batman, Head Lopper, X-O Manowar,
Best Single Issue: Batman Annual #2, Mister Miracle #1, Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #26
Best Interior Artist: Christian Ward, Daniel Warren Johnson, Tomas Giorello
Best Cover Artist: Christian Ward, Michael Cho, Erica Henderson, Lewis LaRosa
Best Writer: Jeff Lemire, Kelly Thompson, Jason Aaron, Tom King, Matt Kindt,
Best Colorist: Jordie Bellaire, Matthew Wilson, Brian Reber
Best Inker: Klaus Janson, Danny Miki, Ryan Winn,
Best Letterer: Steve Wands, Clayton Cowles, Todd Klein,
Best Publisher: Image Comics, Valiant, Black Mask Studios, DC Comics
Best Mini-Series/OGN: My Favorite Thing is Monsters, Mister Miracle, Hellboy Into The Silent Sea
Best Manga: My Brother’s Husband, My Hero Academia

About The Author Tyler Goulet

Tyler Goulet, owner/founder and editor-in-chief of, has an addiction to comics that seemingly cannot be sated. Reading everything from Hellboy (his favorite character, series and creator) to Batman to Pluto, and other Manga, and most everything in between, there’s not much he can’t talk about or won’t read. He currently resides in Calgary, Canada with his wife Kayla, his son Finan, a black cat named Hailstorm (yes, like the Transformer) and their always-starving, three legged idiot cat Lemmy. (yes, from Motorhead)