It’s the start of another week and time for another run down of some of the best books to grab this coming Wednesday at your local comic book store. This week there are a few titles that I recommend often so I will just run them down here. Jeff Lemire’s Black Hammer #10 and Royal City #4 come out this week as well as the Lindts beautifully illustrated Dept. H #15. If you aren’t reading these and you love good storytelling then you really should be. They continue to deliver top notch writing and art with every issue.  Here are some other suggestions for what you shouldn’t miss this week:

Crosswind 1

Crosswind #1 – Image
By Gail Simone and Cat Staggs

Crosswind is a new series by Simone and Staggs and it is pretty awesome. Think Freaky Friday (18 Again or The Changeup depending on what generation you’re from) but more grittier and more killing. A man and woman change bodies but each person is in such a different situation than the other that their gender is not even the most interesting part of the change. The series should be very popular so I wouldn’t be surprised to see it sell out. This book is what happens when two creative geniuses come together and make magic.

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Eclipse 8

Eclipse #8 – Image
By Zack Kaplan, Giovanni Timpano and Flavio Dispenza

I believe that I have mentioned Eclipse here before but it is worth bringing it up again. Kaplan delivers a strong story, Timpano illustrates with great details, and Dispenza’s colors are not to be missed. This is a story where one of the main characters is sunlight and the creative team delivers it every single issue. Eclipse is set in the near future where something has happened to the sun to cause it’s light to be deadly to humans. There are many mysteries going on and as the story continues there are more and more questions popping up. This issue closes out the second story arc of the series before the creative team goes on a short break.  The first arc has already been released as a trade and is a great read so pick it up as well.

God Country

God Country #6
By Donny Cates, Geoff Shaw, Jason Wordie, Dee Cuniffe, and John J. Hill

Issue #6 of God’s Country is the final part of the story and it’s the perfect finish for the story. I really enjoy the fact that the story that Cates has written is not just another a comic book story but a dialoque between the reader and the creator. It’s stories like these that prove that these are not just “funny books” but fables, myths, and legends. God Country was very literally a story about gods, men, and a sword that teaches a lesson of love to the reader.


Shirtless Bear Fighter #1
By Jody Leheup, Sebastian Girner, Nil Vendrell, Mike Spicer, and Dave Lanphear

Do you miss 80s action movies that made no sense and didn’t have to because it was just fun? Then Shirtless Bear Fighter is the comic for you. It’s like an 80s Summer Blockbuster in comic book form and it will keep you laughing at the absurdness of it all. The story is literally about a guy who is a shirtless (and most of the time is pants-less too so prepare yourself) bear fighter. When bears attack the city it seems only one man and his fists will be up to the task.

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