This job isn’t easy but I love it. You may think that picking a few good books to recommend for the week is a no-brainer, but it’s not. The problem is that there are too many awesome books out there. Choosing just a few makes me feel like a parent being forced to choose their favorite child. I always feel bad about leaving somebody out but if I don’t then others might not get the attention they deserve. This week is no exception as there are a number of books I’ve left out of the list but I love them just the same. Most of the titles that I’m leaving out this week are from Image so that I could highlight some of the lesser known publishers. From Image I would definitely grab Kill The Minotaur #1, Black Cloud #3, and Regression #2. Here is what you should especially grab from everyone else:

World Reader 3

World Reader #3 – Aftershock Comics
By Jeff Loveness and Juan Doe

I will continue to recommend World Reader each time it comes out until everyone is picking up a copy. It is a complete package of beautiful artwork, and intriguing story line that makes me keep coming back to it. The story is of a space explorer on a mission to discover the fate of the inhabitants of the universe. She is able to do this by using a special ability to speak with the spirits of each planet. Juan Doe’s otherworldly art naturally enhances the story as it takes the reader to alien worlds and the spirit realm of each of these planets. Even in death these other worlds are beautifully illustrated and I’m looking forward to learning more about what is causing the destruction.

Adventures of Superhero Girl

Adventures of Superhero Girl – Dark Horse
By Faith Erin Hicks

This is a special edition re-release of a collection that is definitely worth mentioning. Artist Faith Erin Hicks’ creative and hilarious webcomic is a fun and over all too soon read. The story follows the adventures and more often than not mis-adventures of Superhero GIrl as she struggles with being a hero in the shadow of her more famous superhero brother. As if that wasn’t enough she also has to put up with a roommate and everyday life throwing her just as many problems as super villains do. It’s a great collection to read and re-read and with a couple of added new stories it is a great time to add it to your shelf.

Helena Crash

Helena Crash #4 – IDW Comics
By Fabian Rangel Jr. and Warick Johnson Cadwell

Helena Crash is kick ass. It’s like watching a Latinx female version of John Wick but with even more excitement. The artwork is fun and the story is a blast. I would love to see this as a movie, but not a live-action movie: an animated movie. Warwick Johnson-Cadwell’s art is kinetic and matches the flow of the story perfectly. This issue dials everything up as it concludes the four part story arc. I absolutely hope that Helena will come back for more adventures.


Catalyst Prime: Accell – Lion Forge Comic
By Joe Casey, Robert Campanella, and Damion Scott

Lion Forge is continuing to build out their superhero universe as they introduce the next character: a speedster name Accell. The story centers around a young Latinx man who gains speed powers after being exposed to an alien object. Lion Forge’s new universe that they are creating has potential for readers to encounter something new besides what’s going on in the Big 2’s super powered universes. It will be interesting to see where their take on speed powers goes and if they can be original from what’s been done before.


Normandy Gold

Normandy Gold #1 – Titan Comics
By Alison Gaylin, Megan Abott, and Steve Scott

Normandy Gold is gritty crime fiction story that follows a sheriff as she investigates a murder that her sister has somehow gotten wrapped in. It seems that Normandy and her sister have an interesting back story and could give this book the backbone it needs to make it compelling. The artwork is great and the cover art will make this an automatic pick if you are browsing at your local comic book store. If you like crime stories then you will absolutely want to try this one out.

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