Retailer Advisory: Valiant’s Shelf-Busting Hits Strike Again with Sold-Out Printings for HARBINGER RENEGADE #2 and SAVAGE #3 in March!

Valiant is proud to announce that two of this winter’s most critically acclaimed comics have sold out at the distributor level and will return to store shelves everywhere with the HARBINGER RENEGADE #2 SECOND PRINTING and the SAVAGE #3 SECOND PRINTING! On March 1st, discover why Valiant is blazing the trail in cutting-edge superhero storytelling as two of their most highly praised titles return for encore presentations!

First, Valiant’s team of teenaged psiots blast off of the sidelines and into the firefight of their lives for the HARBINGER RENEGADE #2 SECOND PRINTING! Join multiple Harvey Award nominee Rafer Roberts (Plastic Farm), and superstar artist Darick Robertson (The Boys, Transmetropolitan) as they continue the march to HARBINGER WARS 2…and chronicle the rise of the Valiant Universe’s next major antagonist, Alexander Solomon!

At the height of his power, Toyo Harada, CEO of one of the world’s largest corporations and the most powerful psiot on the planet, discovered, recruited and activated Alexander Solomon. Gifted with the power of probability analysis, Solomon is able to predict future events with astonishing accuracy. This ability made him incredibly valuable to Harada. Working together over time, the two grew as close as father and son. Eventually, Solomon would rise to become one of Harada’s most trusted deputies and a member of his inner council…until Harada discovered that his protege had secretly been exploring an agenda in stark disobedience to his wishes. Betrayed, Harada sent a strike team to neutralize Solomon. That strike team’s failure sent Solomon underground…until now…

And, soon, Alexander Solomon’s renegade vision for the future of humanity will put him on a one-way collision course with Valiant’s number-one team of super-powered upstarts: the Harbinger Renegades!

Jump on board here and discover why HARBINGER RENEGADE is a runaway hit with fans and critics everywhere!

✮✮✮✮½… Utterly superb.” – Graphic Policy

✮✮✮✮½… Rafer Roberts is giving [HARBINGER RENEGADE] exactly what it needs.” – SciFi Pulse

✮✮✮✮… Valiant is adding another solid, character driven book to it’s legacy. Highly recommended.”  – Outright Geekery

An impressive take of ‘real’ superheroes.” – Uproxx

“An entertaining, well crafted story filled with compelling characters and a promising future.– All-Comic

Then, Valiant’s bone-breaking origin story goes primal for the SAVAGE #3 SECOND PRINTING! Release the animal within as acclaimed writer B. Clay Moore (Hawaiian Dick) and explosive artists Clayton Henry (Harbinger Wars) and Lewis LaRosa (Bloodshot Reborn) sharpen their killer instincts for the must-read debut of Valiant’s next major hero! Marooned in an unforgiving prehistoric landscape, high society’s most privileged celebrity family is fighting tooth and claw – literally – for survival. Once they lose everything – and each other – what part of them will endure? Where will the man inside each of them end…and the animal begin?

Fifteen years ago, the world’s most famous soccer star, his former supermodel wife, and their young son disappeared without a trace. The world believes they are dead… But, in reality, their private jet crash-landed on a mysterious, unknown island ruled by prehistoric creatures from another time…

This is the story of how they lost their humanity.

It’s official: Valiant’s SAVAGE rules all as one of the year’s most highly praised series!

✮✮✮✮✮… Simply the best.– All-Comic

✮✮✮✮½… Strikingly visual storytelling at its best. This is the Valiant series everyone should be reading…” – AiPT!

“✮✮✮✮… [SAVAGE] is as beautiful as it is brutal.” – Graphic Policy

✮✮✮✮… Amazing… A massive critical success for Valiant.” – Multiversity Comics

A smart, unnerving story bringing a fresh angle…” – Uproxx

Discover why now is the time to jump into Valiant’s award-winning universe! On March 1st, the hottest titles of the season catch fire when the HARBINGER RENEGADE #2 SECOND PRINTING and the SAVAGE #3 SECOND PRINTING return to store shelves everywhere!

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$3.99 | 32 pgs. | T+ | On sale MARCH 1 (FOC – 2/13/16)

Written by B. CLAY MOORE
Cover by LEWIS LAROSA (DEC168899)
$3.99 | 32 pgs. | T+ | VALIANT PRESTIGE | On sale MARCH 1 (FOC – 2/13/16)

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  • SAVAGE_003_002.jpg
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  • SAVAGE_003_005.jpg
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