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I Get Physical deals with the fallout from Luke’s attack from Bushmaster in an interesting way. Of course, given the ever-prominent exposure that Luke is benefiting from it also means that the downsides of being popular will be shown too, so naturally, I Get Physical focused on that, with footage from the brief fight going viral across the internet. This is essentially the end of the first third of this season now, with the show opting for a slower pace than the terrific episode three, which was the show’s best episode yet.

It was almost inevitable that Luke was going to get brought to his knees at some point in an ever-so predictable fashion. Luke’s strength alone isn’t enough to win him a fight and it’ll be interesting to see whether a future appearance by Danny Rand later in this season helps him discover that there is more to violence than just brute force. As of typing I’ve only seen the first four episodes, so I know nothing about what’s left in this season, I’m making predictions that could be hopelessly wrong. Yes, all the viral videos going out around Luke may be forced to expose his character, and they almost feel like they shouldn’t exactly be legal, but it works, helping play into Luke’s pride before the fall arc that he seems to be undergoing at the moment.

Luke’s allies are crumbling around him. The footage of the fight even went viral on ESPN, and his fanbase is losing his support. Claire has been driven away too. It’s not looking good for him as things stand. He finds solace with Tilda, who of all people, happens to be Mariah’s daughter. It’s an interesting choice that strengthens the connection between the characters, as previously Tilda has had nothing to do with Luke up to this point. We don’t know much about her character, and her intentions are fairly enigmatic at this point, meaning that the show could go either way with her. The chemistry between Luke and Tilda is good, but based hints at Luke’s toxicity this season, it’s not likely to end happily ever after.

The biggest twist of the episode was that Comanche is actually a mole for the NYPD, adding yet another storyline to the mix to help Mariah’s fear of alienation increase. She’s putting the family name ahead of advice from Shades and Comanche, and it could cost her.

Luke is at his lowest point now, and only four episodes in, you have to wonder how long he’ll be like this before he attempts to rebuild himself. Fame’s downsides come at a cost, and all it took was one episode for them to throw his life into turmoil. It’s clear that the characters are still making stupid decisions, that hasn’t changed, but again, it’s the norm for a Marvel Netflix show that puts scripted drama over natural character development.


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