Marvel Studios has consistently raised the bar with each Avengers movie and every subsequent solo-film between the larger blockbusters. After Captain America: Civil War the Marvel Cinematic universe was in turmoil, and there appeared to be a lot of lingering questions about where the core team members stood. Hulk was gone, Thor was on a mission, Captain America himself was already putting together a new team of Avengers and Tony Stark appeared to be on his way out.

Since then, a lot of the timeline has been filled in with movies like Thor: Ragnarok. Marvel has even continued to expand its universe towards the stars with Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol 2 and towards a more mystic take with Dr. Strange. We’ve seen some of these characters together, like Dr. Strange’s appearance in Thor: Ragnarok, and we’ve had a brief glimpse into what Tony Stark is doing in Spider-Man: Homecoming after the Marvel Studios/Sony deal, deals like the ones you can find on sites like bookmaker if you’re looking for tips, reviews and promo codes, but there’s still a big question left out there: How are they all going to work together to stop the Mad Titan himself, Thanos, when he fully enters the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Avengers: Infinity Wars—in theaters April 27, after being pushed forward in the schedule.

With the massive, positive reception, both critical and otherwise, of Black Panther the expectations for Avengers: Infinity Wars is high. And rightfully so. Getting together a cast of this magnitude, with so much history and tons of movies behind them is enough to get anybody excited about what’s to come. Marvel Studios has been consistently setting the bar for the superhero genre on the big screen, and without a doubt this new Avengers movie is setting itself up to not only be the biggest to date, both in cast, cost, universe ramifications and, of course, ticket sales, but it’s setting itself up to be one of the most memorable movies of all time. This will be a treat for anybody of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and if you haven’t already secured your tickets you better act fast before the first shows are sold out.


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