Manga Mavericks EP. 103 – Torture Princess, East, and Vertical World


On this episode of Manga Mavericks, Lum and Colton give their impressions on some new additions recently added to Shueisha’s Manga Plus app (what we will from now on will be referring to as Manga Plus Starts!!). including ‘Tis Time for “Torture” Princess, East, Into the Night, and The Vertical World! But before that, they have a whole lot of news to cover after a little over a month, including the coming end of some big series, a whole lot of pre-Anime NYC licenses, and even some the recent controversies from Shonen Jump and Shueisha! Enjoy!

Stay tuned next week as the Manga Machinations crew join us to talk about Paru Itagaki’s Beastars manga, coming this Sunday, Nov 24th! 


0:00:00 – Intro/Patreon Stuff

0:04:12 – KyoAni Updates
0:08:40 – Septermber Bookscan
0:20:03 – Kosaku Anakubo’s Pocket Monsters manga “ends”…
0:23:28 – Pokemon Adventures Sun & Moon arc ending, Sword & Shield arc beginning
0:24:38 – Nagata Kabi’s newest autobiographical manga
0:26:56 – Bloom Into You ‘Curtain Call’ projects
0:27:48 – Blue Flag Approaches Climax
0:28:33 – Haikyuu has entered its final arc
0:29:46 – Silver Spoon Ends on Nov 26th (Yen Press Releases Series Digitally on Dec 17th)
0:33:54 – Makoto Yukimura announces the final arc of Vinland Saga
0:37:27 – Hozuki’s Coolheadedness Ends
0:41:14 – Arata Primal Ends
0:43:22 – Newest Shonen Jump Vault Additions
0:49:06 – Drops of God licnesed by Kodansha USA and Comixology
0:51:50 – Futekiya announces 22 more titles for early 2020
0:53:07 – Multiple Tidal Waves worth of new licenses from Seven Seas!
1:11:03 – Yen Press Licenses Weathering With You novel
1:12:47 – Cross Infinite World licenses Of Dragons and Fae
1:14:29 – Sol Press licenses Chivalry of a Failed Knight
1:17:23 – J-Novel Club Licenses
1:21:21 – Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs stirs controversy once again!
1:29:56 – Shueisha Issues Statement on Lack of Female Editors in Jump
1:41:56 – Hideo Azuma passes away
1:53:07 – Studio Ghibli Films Coming to HBO Max
1:59:24 – New Update on Sailor Moon Eternal Films
2:00:09 – New Pokemon Anime
2:03:36 – NHK Rumiko Takahashi Poll Interim Results
2:15:29 – New My Hero Academia Character Popularity Poll Open for English Readers

Manga Plus Starts:
2:19:46 – ‘Tis Time for “Torture”, Princess
2:34:32 – East, Into the Night
2:43:35 – The Vertical World

Community Shout-Outs!
2:56:08 – The Nen Show
2:59:33 – Dee’s Pokemon Retrospective on AniFem
3:02:14 – The Absence of Takahashi in YGO! by Negative Legend
3:04:28 – Wrap Up


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